About Wild Grapes

Wild Grapes Bistro & Juice Bar was created with the concept of designing an environment that not only promotes healthy eating but delivers fresh, wholesome ingredients that satisfy the taste buds and make the body feel good

As people have grown more conscious of what they put into their body, juicing has found a prominent place among the rising health trends. Wild Grapes Bistro & Juice Bar has found its own unique way of making juicing more than a trend by producing nutrient-rich drinks that give the body everything it needs to thrive. We also offer smoothies, smoothies bowls, hearty bowls, soups, sandwiches, salads, and wraps to ensure that our customers have plenty of options for a healthy, balanced diet.  

The root of Wild Grapes Bistro & Juice Bar is to establish a space that cultivates wellness from the inside out and connect like-minded individuals that are interested in a more sustainable lifestyle. Building a more sustainable world begins with the community and our foundation is built upon inspiring people to have a conscious connection with the food they eat and provide a healthy vegetarian environment that makes it easy to eat well on the go.